Kitchen and Dining Staff

Kitchen servants do the hard work in the homes of the upper classes. The lowest job was the turnspit, who roasted the meat. One step up from that are the scullions, who clean the kitchen, dining rooms, and dishes.

At the dining table, High Nobles are usually served by Low Nobles rather than personal servants. However, the tables of Low Nobles and Gentry are served by servants.

Dining staff at Noble banquets include the following: Carver (cuts the meat), Butler (supervises the wine and beverages), Cupbearer (fills the glasses), Server (servers the food), Ewerer (manages the wash laver and towels), Pantler (cuts the bread). The Pantler usually cuts off the upper crust of the bread and serves it to the High Nobles.

Noble kitchens have several cooks, undercooks, long worktables, a bakehouse and/or cookhouse, storerooms, pantries, and adjustable racks over the cookfire that can be moved to control cooking temp. Undercooks often grind fresh spices with mortar and pestle.

Turnspit, Carver, Butler, Cupbearer, Server, Ewerer, Pantler, Upper Crust, Cook, Undercook, Bakehouse, Cookhouse
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