Phrases Used by the Lower Classes

bendover in Wendover (To hire a sellbody in the city of Wendover.)

faugh (An expression of disdain or disgust.)

firstling (The first animal offspring or crop of a new season. “The firstling lettuce was sour.”)

glim (A candle.)

it be (It is.)

like me (Enjoy. “I like me a good beer.”)

me (My.)

might be (Maybe.)

proper (An intensifier. Usually for something good. “It’ll be a proper feast”.)

right (An intensifier, usually for something bad. “That was a right terrible fire.”)

they be (They are.)

‘tween (Between.)

Glim, It Be, Like Me, Me, Proper, Right, They Be, 'Tween, Bendover in Wendover, Faugh, Firstling, Might Be
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