Phrases Used by the Nobility

arrant (Downright, or notorious. “They are all arrant knaves. Trust not a one.”)

baseborn (The peasants, or anyone with a byname. Somewhat pejorative.)

churl (Always used as an insult. An obnoxious person of low birth.)

dandiprat (A young or insignificant person; even someone among the nobility.)

frightfully (An intensifier, used to describe things that should bother everyone. “It’s frightfully hot today.”)

halfworld (The fringes of proper society.)

just so (Indeed. Used to indicate agreement. “It’s best to keep it a secret.” “Just so.”)

laver (A basin or similar container used for washing oneself.)

not a one (None of them. “Each day was colder than the last. I enjoyed not a one.”)

off with you (Begone. Can be used lightly.)

outrage / outrageously (Abhorrent behavior, usually among the upper classes.)

pish (An expression of disdain or disgust.)

rabble (A disorderly crowd or mob.)

raiment (Clothing.)

rapscallion (A mischievous person. Not pejorative.)

rogue (Always used as insult. Used to describe a criminal, or someone with no master or profession.)

rustic (An unsophisticated rural person.)

scullion (A menial servant. Slightly pejorative.)

slugabed (A lazy person who stays in bed late, particularly a Noble.)

snollygoster (A person with intelligence but no principles.)

so (Sometimes used in place of “really”. “I so enjoyed our time together.”)

taking her chamber (When a pregnant woman in labor retires to her birthing room.)

tally ho (Onward. A hunting term brought into social circles. Sometimes spoken by a Noble when sighting an opportunity, or to encourage another to act or step forward.)

‘tis (It is.)

‘tisn’t (It is not.)

utterly (An intensifier, usually suggesting the lack of an immediate comeback. “I was utterly shocked by her behavior.”)

veritable (An intensifier, usually used before a metaphor. “His feet clomped like a veritable herd of cattle.”)

Arrant, Baseborn, Churl, Dandiprat, Frightfully, Laver, Not A One, Off With You, Outrage, Raiment, Rapscallion, Rogue, Scullion, Slugabed, Snollygoster, Rustic, Tally Ho, ‘Tis, ‘Tisn’t, Utterly, Veritable, Rabble, Pish, So, Just So, Halfworld
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